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High-quality pet portraits, painted using acrylic paint on study slices of wood. Each painting is finished off with a glossy varnish to give it a shiny finish. 

Each painting is on average 14cm in diameter and 1cm thick, however each wooden slice will differ in size slightly.


One Plaque = £50

Two Plaques = £95

Three Plaques = £135

Four Plaques = £170



Depending on where you are from, shipping prices may differ:

UK & Ireland: Free Shipping

Europe: £8 Shipping

US & Australia: £20 shipping 


Gift Wrapped

For an extra fee of £5 per painting, your painting can be gift-wrapped! 

All packaging materials are recyclable!

Even the stickers! 


I am also happy to do any non-pet commissions, such as animals, mythical creatures or your favourite animal movie characters!


Order A Commission!

If you are interested in getting your pet painted by me, please send an email to the address down below!

In your email, please include the name of your pet(s) and attach some photos of them. The photos should be either head-on or from the side. Please make sure the photos are clear and only headshots!

If you're ordering a commission which isn't of a pet, please include any reference photos you would like me to use, as well as the name of and movie/tv show of any character commissions.

If there's any extra detail you would like added such as flowers, please mention that too!

Please also include what country you live in, so I can calculate the correct shipping and deposit amount.

Once I have received your email I will get back to you with my billing information for you to send a deposit. Deposit amounts differ for how many plaques order, so please wait for my email to tell you your deposit amount. 

Please be aware I currently have a turnaround of 2-3 weeks due to high demand and University studies 

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