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Watch the entire commission process from start to finish as well as learn where I source my materials and how long each painting takes!

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Day 1:

I draw the basic shapes of the painting and then use acrylic gesso to prep the surface of the wood. 

I then redraw the portrait in more detail over the gesso. 

This process takes roughly 2-3 hours total


I get my wood from a local supplier, supporting local businesses as well as reducing my carbon footprint. 

My grandad then sands the wood down ready for me to paint on, so it's very much a family involved business!


Day 2:


The painting process can take 5-7 hours depending on the level of complexity of the commission. 

I use acrylic paint for all my portraits.

I then use a black fine liner to write the pet's name and my initials. 

Day 3:

The last step of the process is varnishing. 

I apply 3 layers of high gloss varnish, 1 layer applied every 3 hours. 

This takes 9 hours in total. 


Gift Wrapping!

For my gift wrapping option, I trim and hot glue my boxes by hand. 

Both the box and packaging materials are recyclable and ecofriendly

(even the stickers!)

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